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Garry Jefferies

Garry’s goal is to become independent with shopping, banking and bill paying as his Mum ages and becomes less able and willing to do this.

How did we help?

Initially a Mentor was asked to collect Garry from work and drive him home. In this time Garry got to know and build trust with the Mentor.

Both Garry and his Mum slowly became more comfortable to have a Mentor support Garry to pick up a few things from the shop on the way home from work.

Over time Garry was supported, directed and encouraged to do his own banking, pay bills, go fruit and veg shopping at the Fremantle markets and was introduced to the idea that he could do these tasks when his Mum wasn’t up to it.

What was the outcome/achievement?

As trust has developed Garry and his Mum felt more comfortable to accept support from other Mentors. Garry’s confidence to say what he needs and wants and choose what activity he feels like doing has slowly emerged. His anxiety and stress experienced in daily life has lessened.

What do they want to do next?

Garry wants to continue taking more responsibility in the running of the house as his Mum ages. Garry and his Mum both want to know that he has the skills and supports around him when she is no longer here.

Garry has more confidence in being able to manage independently.

What makes their achievement so special?

Garry has more confidence in being able to manage independently. He enjoys the social interaction, conversation, support and the company when he goes out into the community to do his shopping, banking and bill paying.

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