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Jessica Longo

Jessica is a very busy lady – she loves working in retail, but also wanted to explore her options to develop independence and social opportunities.

How did we help?

With her mentor Jessica was able to focus on building her independence skills both at home and in the community.

One of the first things the Good Sammy Options mentor assisted Jessica to do independently was to safely catch the bus to her local coffee shop.

To start with, the coffee shop was simply somewhere where the mentor and Jessica would then talk about strategies to help Jessica achieve her other independence goals.

What was the outcome/achievement?

Jessica gradually became more and more confident catching the bus and is now going independently to the coffee shop on the weekends, when her family are home resting. She’s thrilled as she doesn’t need to rely on them being available to take her out anymore!

What do they want to do next?

Jessica will continue exploring her community, they are looking at a dance group that they recently connected with for her next social outlet. To top things off, one of her other goals was to develop more relationships in the community and over time a lovely connection has now developed between Jessica and the owners of the coffee shop.

I have become more independent and  my relationships are much better!

What makes their achievement so special?

Having the connection with the people at the coffee shop, and developing others, has vastly reduced Jessica’s anxiety. Jessica said that since she has become more independent she is meeting and talking to more and more people in the broader community….she has said that she’s really noticed how much better her relationships have become!

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