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Online Supports during COVID-19

The evolving COVID-19 situation has meant that Good Sammy Options has had to rethink how we deliver services to people with disability in a safe and supportive way, and we believe that the ideal solution is to deliver a range of supports via an online platform!

“I enjoy meeting new people. Being able to see/interact with everyone in the group. It’s an interesting way of staying connected and being able to get involved in activities. It's different from face to face, but better than missing out totally”

Mikaela Carroll

These will run at specific times (timetable to follow) and be led by one of our wonderful Mentors
with experience/expertise in that area! If you are interested in joining in for any of the sessions below, please contact your Coordinator to arrange your funding and we will set it up!

If you are a Options participant and interested in joining in any of our sessions, please get in touch with the Good Sammy Options Coordinator via the button below, emailing info@goodsammyoptions.com.au or call 9463 0562.





Below is a list of different activities that we will be running via the app ZOOM.

Party in the Paddock

Let our Coordinator Colleen introduce you to her 2 beautiful horses – Boris and Sam.  Colleen will take you that close you’ll almost be able to pat them. Any questions you have for Boris and Sam are most welcome.

Bake it til’ you make it

This cooking class will be hosted by a very experience cook who will take you through a basic but delicious recipe. Learn to cook and do all steps at the same time as the teacher, you will be able to ask questions as you go and of course enjoy eating the wonderful creation at the end! Prior to the session we will send you what basic ingredients are needed before each class.

LEGO Masters

Calling all Lego Lovers, this class will be using your creativity! Each class will have a few themes and time limit so all you need to do is provide the magic and creativity to build your best interpretation on the theme and show everyone!If you don’t have blocks and still want to be involved, we can provide them.

Picture Perfect

We all love to take photos and here’s your chance to show us what you’ve got with 45 minutes and a smartphone. We will set the theme at the start of each class, start the timer and away you go. Sharing your best image with the class at the end of the session will be so much fun.

Job Skills

It’s tough to keep spirits high at a time. like this but you’ll be looking for jobs and speaking with employers again very soon. This time is perfect to practice what you need to know about doing a job interview and getting the job! Our Employment Coordinator Rob, will show you why successful job searching doesn’t happen by accident.

Couch Colouring

Colouring is not only great fun, but also a great mindfulness technique! We will provide what needs to be colored in and it’s up to you bring the pencils and unleash the artist within. At the end of each session share your work of art with the class.

Isolation Motivation

Moving around is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy, especially when you’re stuck at home!  This fun low impact class will get you laughing while doing lounge room lunges and couch crunches!No special equipment needed; everything is right there at home.

Iso’ Bingo

The oldest game in the world is about to get a makeover. Zoom Bingo is here!
Our Bingo master will be calling out numbers and whoever is the first to yell BINGO wins!


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